Céline Surdez: A Swiss visionary

Céline Surdez, Swiss entrepreneur, clearly expresses her vision through her projects and businesses. She embodies a deep aesthetic sensitivity and personal perspective on beauty. For her, collaboration and talent are sources of unlimited creativity and inspiration. Her goal is to constantly push cultural and creative boundaries, creating spaces conducive for exploration and experimentation.

Beauty is bold

Founded in 2021, Pardessus19 is an accessories brand that explores timeless elegance and individual expression through a range of coats that can be worn over your outfit or as a masterpiece.

Conceived to meet everyone's desires, Pardessus19 offers you the opportunity to wrap yourself in unique elegance thanks to its universal shape.

Reversible, they are the perfect accessory from morning till night, from the office to a night out in the town.

Pardessus19, accessories to live like a whispered secret.